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AIS Man Overboard (MOB) solutions are a revolutionary development in rescue situations, enabling vessels in the vicinity of a man overboard incident to respond quickly and efficiently to locate and recover a person in the water. Below are some helpful resources providing information about AIS MOB products, a recent rescue case study and details about our current special Winter 2015 AIS MOB Package.  Please fee free to contact us with any questions at  

AIS MOB Package - Winter 2015

For a limited time McMurdo Group is offering a SmartFind AIS MOB life saving upgrade package.

Click hear to view our Special Winter Package.
SmartFind S20 AIS MOB Device

AIS MOB brochure with more details about how the device works and product specifications.

Click here to learn more about the S20.
AIS MOB Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to your questions about AIS Man Overboard (MOB) by the trusted leaders in AIS MOB technology.

Click here to view AIS MOB FAQs.
AIS MOB 2014 Andrew Taylor Rescue Story

Read the amazing story of Andrew Taylor and how his McMurdo AIS MOB played a key role in saving his life.

Click here to view AIS MOB Case Study.

You can hear Andrew Taylor tell his riveting story live!  
Click here to listen to our AIS MOB Webinar on demand.

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