KVH Mini-VSAT Solution


Enable your office at sea. The KVH mini-VSAT solution from McMurdo equips your vessel with a high quality, fully stabilized SATCOM system that enables ship operators, crew, and guests to stay connected to the office, port authorities, other vessels, and friends and family onshore. Always-on, high speed internet and low cost voice calling is delivered anywhere in the world using small, powerful antennas mounted on ships at sea. KVH’s flexible, end-to-end solution meets the most demanding broadband requirements for any commercial operation. KVH’s compact hardware design provides outstanding performance — fast download speeds, reliable Internet and e-mail, and optimized voice communications. PRISMA Connect, McMurdo’s web-based innovative fleet management solution, integrates with KVH to provide vessel tracking, route planning, AIS data, electronic nautical charts and weather, and historical data and reporting. There’s a KVH TracPhone Vip-SATCOM system for every size vessel and an airtime plan to meet every budget.

Using KVH mini-VSATs, McMurdo customers experience high-speed connectivity for operations and customer service, crystal-clear world-wide calling with no roaming fees, and vessel monitoring and AIS data through McMurdo PRISMA Connect. The benefits of bringing broadband data service to your vessels can be seen every day in better operations, greater safety, and improved crew morale. Here are just some of the ways a KVH broadband system can improve your vessel operations:

  • Small Form Factor - VVH mini-VSATs are rugged and compact in design – 85% smaller in volume than standard VSAT systems – providing easy connections to shipboard networks.
  • Control - Built-in CommBox Network Manager provides ship operators with the tools they need to effectively manage onboard broadband networking, least cost routing, web caching and more.
  • Fast Data Rates - KVH units boast data rates as fast as 2 Mbps shore-to-ship and up to 1 Mbps ship-to-shore. Latency with KVH Ku-band is significantly lower than most L-band services.
  • Crew Morale - Access to onboard internet can significantly improve crew morale, retain crew, and help meet MLC-2006 requirements.
  • Logistics - Better data assists in voyage planning to save fuel and reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • Cost Reduction - With better ship-to-shore communications and collaboration, fleets can avoid costly equipment failures with preventative maintenance.
  • Safety - Onboard broadband solutions help facilitate more effective safety procedures such as Telemedicine services for crew well-being and even to save lives.

Support - McMurdo provides 24/7/365 LIVE Customer Support with the ability to remotely diagnose and troubleshoot while the vessel is at sea

  • Omnitracs – Reliable, low-cost, two-way satellite communications for data
  • Iridium GO! – Low-cost, easy-to-install satellite communications for voice and data via Wi-Fi hotspot for multi-devices
  • PRISMA Connect – Web-based fleet management software solution providing access to fleet-wide data through cellular and satellite communications

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