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Assured PNT for Naval Operations

Orolia’s Assured PNT solutions provide secure, reliable PNT information and services for any naval mission, whether on the surface, in the air or underwater. In shallow or deep-water environments, Orolia’s comprehensive portfolio includes critical infrastructure support for naval command and control centers, essential GPS vulnerability testing and services, and wearable solutions that fit in the palm of a hand.

Introducing McMurdo Group

McMurdo is the world’s most trusted name in Emergency Readiness and Response including market-leading search and rescue and maritime domain awareness solutions. McMurdo’s distress beacons, satellite connectivity infrastructure, monitoring/positioning software and emergency response management have helped thousands of customers around the world to save time, costs and lives.

World’s First AIS EPIRBs

The new SmartFind G8 AIS EPIRBs offer users Accelerated Rescue via a unique combination of four search and rescue frequencies, with greater location accuracy through multi GNSS receivers and the world’s first EPIRB to contain the localised rescue power of AIS. Coupled with an unparalleled marine heritage, commitment to quality and a history of innovation, customers know they can trust McMurdo when their lives are on the line.

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Kannad Integra Emergency Locator Transmitter (ELT)

Our trusted partners Airbus, Embraer, Honda Jet, Cub Crafters, Robinson Helicopters and others rely on the world’s most innovative and resilient ELT to fly safe. More than an unique technology, the Integra ELT allows aviation professionals and enthusiasts to save on long-term costs through our 10-year manufacturer warranty, which represents the longest warranty in the industry. Find out more about the Integra ELT at

H.E.R.O. Awards

The IMRF Honouring Excellence in Rescue Operations (H.E.R.O.) Awards recognise and thank individuals and teams for courageous rescue missions, technical innovations, development initiatives and other outstanding services to search and rescue. While the IMRF’s mission is to improve global maritime SAR and help prevent loss of life at sea, the IMRF H.E.R.O. award nominees can be from any industry – maritime, aviation, government, military, terrestrial and others.

The idea of the H.E.R.O. Awards came from discussions with IMRF SAR partner McMurdo, a global leader of emergency readiness and response solutions.

Thank You to All of Our H.E.R.O.s

We would like to congratulate all of the 2016 Honoring Excellence in Rescue Operations (H.E.R.O.) award winners and the individuals/teams that were nominated.

We appreciate the courage, excellence, exceptional performance, support teams and networks as well as those individuals or organizations making a major contribution to search and rescue (SAR).

SARBE CommLink

McMurdo SARBE CommLink is an advanced, versatile digital wireless intercom system that brings optimum audio clarity, security and ease of use to single- or multi-group life saving and other hazardous missions. Watch this video to learn more and visit our SARBE Resource Center at

Andrew Taylor Rescue Story

Andrew Taylor, an amateur sailor taking part in the 2014 9th Clipper Round the World yacht race, fell overboard into the icy waters of the North Pacific Ocean…2000 miles from the nearest land…an hour away from neighboring racing yachts…no other vessels within 1000 miles. Hear his riveting story and how McMurdo’s AIS Man Overboard device helped save his life.

McMurdo Safety Beacons Used by Deadliest Catch

McMurdo is the official safety beacon of the hit reality series “Deadliest Catch”, with McMurdo’s emergency distress beacons and man overboard devices helping to safeguard the show’s crews and crab fishing vessels. The products are integrated as part of the safety gear used in the award-winning television series – and this video shows a man overboard drill in action!

Quick Overview of the Search and Rescue Ecosystem

This excerpt from “The 5 Critical Stages of the Search and Rescue Ecosystem” webinar walks briefly through each part of the Cospas-Sarsat Search and Rescue process from emergency beacon activation to the rescue effort. For a more detailed discussion of each stage, watch the entire webinar on demand

Scott Blackfor Scheele Survivor Story

Hear the amazing survival story of Scott Blackford Scheele, a climber and glacier guide who survived a 90-meter fall while part of a 4-man team making the first ever attempt to climb Anidesha Chuli (White Wave), a 6800m mountain in Nepal. Scott’s fall left him dangling from a rope unconscious close to the summit of the mountain. His teammate Ben Dare made a heroic effort to get Scott to safety and activate the emergency beacon, setting off a chain of events that resulted in his safe rescue.