Search & Rescue and Maritime Domain Awareness Solutions

McMurdo, the most trusted name in Emergency Readiness and Response, is the industry’s first, single-vendor provider of end-to-end life-saving and tracking solutions including distress beacons, satellite receiving and processing systems, monitoring/positioning software and emergency response management. At the core of these solutions are resilient positioning, navigation and tracking products, technologies and systems that are instrumental in preventing emergencies, protecting assets and saving lives.

With 150 years of collective experience in emergency preparedness, vessel management and rescue operations, McMurdo will focus on two key strategic areas:

McMurdo Search and Rescue Ecosystem Infographic

The McMurdo Search and Rescue Ecosystem

Distress beacons send a signal via satellite to a satellite ground station or Local User Terminal. These signals are then sent to mission control centers for location positioning and eventually to Rescue Coordination Centers for the actual rescue.

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Maritime Domain Awareness Ecosystem Infographic

Comprehensive Maritime Domain Awareness

McMurdo MDA solutions include the world’s longest contiguous coastal surveillance system. The system monitors and tracks activity along a 3,000 km stretch of the Strait of Malacca in Indonesia.

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