Maritime Domain Awareness (MDA) Solutions.

Keep Watch. Anytime. Anywhere.

McMurdo has a broad portfolio of maritime safety & security solutions that are trusted by the world’s leading Navies, Coast Guards, Fisheries Management agencies, and Workboat companies.

Whether you require coastal surveillance, fleet or fisheries management, or vessel monitoring systems, McMurdo has the system integration experience and expertise to transform multiple technologies into comprehensive solutions.

Maritime Domain Awareness Ecosystem Infographic

McMurdo’s PRISMA Total Maritime Awareness Center Computer View and Ship at Sea

Coastal Surveillance

McMurdo’s PRISMA Total Maritime Awareness Center (TMAC) provides a comprehensive Common Operating Picture (COP) with real-time data and intelligence to agencies responsible for maritime security and asset management (including secure Blue Force Tracking). PRISMA TMAC is an open architecture solution capable of integrating numerous surveillance and safety sensors and data (e.g., radar, cameras, sonar, AIS, weather, distress alerting), creating a networked Command & Control structure capable of selective data and intelligence sharing via a number of secure communications links. Advanced display, notification capabilities, data analytics, and decisions making tools improve operations, increase threats detections, and lower operational costs.

McMurdo's PRISMA Connect Software Displaying on a Cell Phone, Tablet and Computer Screen

Fleet Management

McMurdo’s PRISMA Connect is a web-based integrated fleet management solution that provides real-time visibility to vessels anywhere in the world via various ship-to-shore communications options. In addition to typical fleet management functions such as vessel tracking, route planning and historical data reporting, PRISMA Connect also includes two-way messaging, electronic forms capture, Transas nautical charts and geofencing to further streamline operations and increase productivity.

View of PRISMA Connect Software on a Computer

Fisheries Management

McMurdo’s strong reputation in the fishing industry includes being the first Vessel Management/Monitoring System with messaging used by a major US fishery. With species-specific controls and location restrictions monitored by regulatory agencies around the world, reliable and affordable VMS solutions are critical for successful commercial fishing compliance. McMurdo also provides a variety of communications and safety solutions to ensure fishermen can reach shore side operators, stay in contact with family and respond quickly in the event of an emergency.

McMurdo's Oceania Tracking Buoy


McMurdo offers a number of highly versatile navigational monitoring systems including AtoNs and Racons designed to improve navigational safety, track environmental conditions and prevent collisions. Whether for oceanography data management, tidal drift monitoring or navigational hazard marking, McMurdo navigational solutions use technologies such as AIS and radar to provide real time data to optimize and enhance vessel operations.

McMurdo's SmartFind S20

Other Maritime Solutions

McMurdo provides a number of other maritime-related products that are critical to a ensuring a safe maritime domain including GMDSS products (radios, SARTs, Navtex), AIS equipment, e-navigational solutions and a variety of communications solutions.